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Elite Pros Window Tinting



Our Mission:


Elite Pros Window Tinting Believes in changing the way the world views the window tinting industry. Window tinting is not only a way to shade your windows but we keep you and your loved ones safe, keep your vehicle cooler, as well as protect your investment. Here at Elite Pros Window Tinting we take great pride in our work, our window films, and our impeccable professionalism. We believe in taking time to educate our customers on the application process as well as the products we offer. Huper Optik window films has a wide variety of high quality products ranging from their Premium Autobahn Black films to the second to none Ceramic films. 


By making this our highest priority we simplify the decision process for our customers to feel confident in the film they choose.


If you are in the market for window tint, we are the clear choice for your Automotive, Residential, and Commercial window tinting needs. Elite is what we are, Window Tinting is what we do.

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My window tinting career began in January of 2000. By managing a automotive shop that I helped grow to become one of the top grossing automotive window tinting companies on the east coast. Coming from the world of graphics I was able to bring a unique set of skills to the team. Because of the training I received and 18 years of experience in the window tinting arena I am able to bring a high level of window tinting skills and professionalism to the mobile world. By elevating my skills and working with a number of automotive accounts I'm able to bring precision and craftsmanship directly to you.